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At GCPA, we take a holistic approach focusing on retirement planning, estate planning, life insurance, and long-term care solutions. We can evaluate your current plan or help design a comprehensive plan that is the best fit for your needs and goals.

Our priority is that you are comfortable and find the right partner for guidance in your estate and financial planning journey. Therefore we offer complimentaryobligation-free meetings to allow you to get to know us.

We Specialize In:

Estate Planning

Your estate consists of everything you own: your home, car, bank accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, personal possessions, and more. No matter how modest or significant, everyone can benefit from estate planning to control how your assets get distributed to the people or charities you care the most about upon your passing.

We rely on a team of CLDPs (Certified Legal Document Preparers) and an Attorney, conveniently located in our office.

Retirement Planning

Everyone thinks about their retirement, but many do not have a specific plan in place. Our experienced financial advisors have seen it all through the years and dedicate themselves to your financial success. Whether you are just getting started, well into your working years, getting ready to retire, or already retired, we are here to help.

Tax Planning

Taxes are a part of our everyday life and an essential piece of a solid retirement plan, as we want to create portfolios that are as tax efficient as possible. Considering taxes while building your financial and retirement plan can make a massive difference in the future value of a portfolio and have a significant impact on your future.

We work closely with CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) to find the most tax-efficient solutions to your financial and retirement plan.

Veterans Long-Term Care

Our team of Volunteer Veteran Advocates helps and guides veterans and their families through the application process for the Aid & Attendance benefit. 

Our goal is to facilitate this process, which can often be complex and confusing. We ensure that all paperwork and forms submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs are accurate, and all their criteria adequately met.

Social Security Strategies

Did you know that in 2018, approximately 67 million Americans received Social Security benefits? This benefit could be a large part of your retirement income, and the amount you receive will depend on a few factors; filing at the wrong time can be costly.

While talking about your retirement plan, we offer a complimentary Social Security Analysis that helps find out when is the best time to apply. Having this information can add up to thousands of dollars over your retirement lifetime.

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