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Can We Afford to Live to 100?

Some of us may retire at 65 and live to 100 or 105. Advances in health care may make this a strong possibility. The corresponding question is: will we outlive our money? More people are spending more of their lives… Read More »

Weekly Economic Update 12/11/17

ANOTHER MONTH OF SOLID HIRING According to the Department of Labor, the U.S. workforce gained 228,000 more jobs than it lost during November. Annualized wage growth improved from 2.5% to 2.7%. The headline jobless rate held at 4.1% last month,… Read More »

Plan Before You Give: 3 Gifting Strategy Tips

Are you thinking about giving some of your assets to friends, family or other loved ones? That could be a wise idea. Gifting can be an effective way to help those who mean the most to you, and it can… Read More »

Weekly Economic Update 12/04/17

CONSUMERS ACT ON THEIR CONFIDENCE A new factoid points out just how well the economy is doing: the federal government just upgraded its estimate of third-quarter growth to 3.3%. New data on consumer spending and confidence hints at fourth-quarter strength.… Read More »