Retirement Planning

If you are looking ahead to retirement, you need a financial planner you can trust. Let our family help your family.

At GCPA, we will evaluate every aspect of your finances to create solutions for your financial and retirement planning.

We believe that we should not limit your financial goals with specific plans; but rather encompass all of your goals, see how they relate to one another, and create a plan that will grow with you.

Money is very personal to everyone, and we all have different goals for our money and legacy. We understand this and have built GCPA to be a firm that creates connections with our clients to understand their most significant challenges and design investment plans that will work for them.

Generating Income in Retirement

Have you heard John ask: “Don’t run out of money, before you run out of time“? When it comes to having income in retirement, you want to make sure that from all of your financial planning, you do not outlive your money.

Many things can cause a depletion of your available funds, such as taxes, health care costs, unpredictable market losses, as well as inflation. Perhaps the biggest challenge is that you’ll need money for a long time. Take a Life Expectancy Calculator to see just how long you may live. Once you have figured that out, you’ll need a plan for generating cash flow while keeping some assets growing. We can show you how to provide income using three primary elements:

  • A cash account for daily expenses
  • A short-term reserve to cover emergencies and generate consistent income
  • Long-term assets for potential growth