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Creating a Retirement Strategy

January 29, 2020

Across the country, people are saving for that “someday” called retirement. Someday, their careers will end. Someday, they may live off their savings or investments, plus Social Security.  They know this, but many of them do not know when, or how, it will happen. What…

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Financial Resolutions That Can Change the Course of Your Retirement

January 25, 2020

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Resolutions have been around as long as New Year’s itself. The first known mention of the phrase, “New Year’s resolution” was in a Boston newspaper in 1813. However, even 4,000 years ago, ancient Babylonians were making their own form…

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Economic Predictions: What’s in Store for 2020?

January 21, 2020

Do you have your crystal ball ready? It’s the beginning of a new year, which means it’s time for everyone to make predictions about what’s in store over the next 12 months. Clearly, it’s impossible to predict the future. However, that doesn’t stop analysts and…

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Do You Need An Estate Plan?

January 14, 2020

You have an “estate”. It doesn’t matter if you own a mansion or a motor home. Rich or poor, when you die you leave behind…

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Reducing the Risk of Outliving Your Money

January 2, 2020

“What is your greatest retirement fear?” If you ask any group of retirees and pre-retirees this question, “outliving my money” will likely be one of…

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December 26, 2019

Cybercrime affects both large corporations and private individuals. You’ve likely read about the large data breaches in the business world. These crimes are both expensive and on the rise. The U.S. Identity Theft Resource Center says that these corporate data breaches reached a peak of 1,632…

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Nearing Retirement? Give Yourself This Gift This Holiday Season

December 17, 2019

It’s that time of year again. Time to buy gifts for spouses, children, and all the other friends and family who play a meaningful role in your life. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If you’re approaching retirement, you may want to give yourself a…

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An Estate Planning Checklist

December 10, 2019

Create a will if you do not yet have one. A valid will may save your heirs from some expensive headaches linked to probate and ambiguity. A solid will drafted with the guidance of an estate planning attorney will likely cost you a bit more…

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