Veterans Long-Term Care

Are you a veteran? Are you married or a widow to a veteran?

Qualified U.S. veterans, their spouses, or surviving spouses who require the aid and assistance of another person, or are housebound, may be eligible for the “Aid & Attendance and Housebound” benefit to help pay for long-term care.

It is paid directly from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) in addition to their monthly pension received by the VA. It may help cover the costs associated with long-term care, such as home health care, assisted living, or nursing home care.

In this workshop, we will go over:

  • What the Aid & Attendance benefit is
  • The qualifying criteria for this benefit
  • The benefit amounts
  • The application process
  • How not to disqualify yourself from other benefits, such as Medicaid or ALTCS (Arizona Long-Term Care System)

We encourage you to pass this information along to Veterans and their families.