Services Overview

At GCPA we take a holistic approach to your retirement planning, estate planning, life insurance, and long-term care solutions. We can help you evaluate your current plan if you have one or help to design comprehensive estate and financial plans that best fit your goals.

We Specialize In:

Estate Planning: You’ve worked hard to accumulate assets to provide for your retirement and your family. Don’t leave it all to chance by not providing a clear path to ensure your legacy passes to your heirs while avoiding probate. We will walk you through our 5-step estate planning process.

Retirement Planning: You’ve probably been planning for retirement in some way, shape, or form for many years. At GCPA we offer a complimentary retirement plan assessment to review your income needs. Together we’ll build a plan for your future retirement income.

Tax Planning: You’ve paid taxes on your income throughout your career. Through strategic financial planning we can help you identify ways to potentially reduce your income taxes in retirement.

Veteran’s Long-Term Care: We have volunteer veteran advocates on staff assisting veterans who qualify in applying for the VA Non-Service Connected Disability Pension. Our dedicated team of professionals will support veterans, spouses, or surviving spouses through the complicated process of applying for the benefit through the VA.

Social Security Strategies: Did you know there are more than 60 ways to take your Social Security benefits? Mistakes can be costly. Meet with our professionals and you will receive a complimentary Social Security Analysis. Doing so could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over your retirement lifetime.