Financial Planning

Will Your Savings Last If You Have a 40-Year Retirement?

October 9, 2019

Thanks to advances in medicine and health care technology, people are living longer than ever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people in the United States who are age 100 or older is at a record high.1 Additionally, Pew…

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Keep Your Retirement Plan on Track During A Job Change

October 1, 2019

Is a job change in your future? Are you about to start a new job? Or are you starting the job search process? If so, this is probably a hectic time for you. Amid the chaos it’s easy to overlook the impact a job switch…

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Your First Year of Retirement:

September 17, 2019

Why It Can Be More Stressful Than You Think Are you preparing to retire? If so, this is probably an exciting time. You’ve worked and saved your entire career to get to this point. Very soon, you’ll be able to spend your time as you…

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Is September the Worst Month for Investing?

September 12, 2019

Fall is here. Ok, it’s not actually official until September 22. However, the unofficial start of fall arrived in late August. Starbucks added pumpkin spice…

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Do Our Attitudes About Money Help or Hurt Us?

September 3, 2019

Our relationship with money is complex & emotional. When we pay a bill, go to the mall, trade in a car for a new one,…

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Women & Retirement Planning: Two Unique Challenges

August 27, 2019

Who handles the money in your household? If your home is like most, it depends on the kind of financial planning involved. A new study from UBS found that 85 percent of married women handle the day-to-day financial management in their household. However, the same…

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Not Your Parents’ Retirement:

August 13, 2019

How Retirement Has Changed Over the Last 30 Years The world has changed significantly in the past few decades. Thirty years ago, there weren’t cell phones. Computers weren’t widely owned. There was no Uber or Airbnb. Social media was unheard of and virtual reality was…

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Do You Know Your Risk Tolerance?

July 30, 2019

In an ideal world, you could save money and prepare for retirement without any risks or threats. Unfortunately, risk is a natural part of any financial strategy. There are a wide range of risks that could potentially derail your plan. Medical emergencies, disability, job loss,…

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