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Can We Afford to Live to 100?

December 13, 2017

Some of us may retire at 65 and live to 100 or 105. Advances in health care may make this a strong possibility. The corresponding question is: will we outlive our money? More people are spending more of their lives in retirement. According to the…

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Plan Before You Give: 3 Gifting Strategy Tips

December 6, 2017

Are you thinking about giving some of your assets to friends, family or other loved ones? That could be a wise idea. Gifting can be an effective way to help those who mean the most to you, and it can be a powerful estate planning…

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How to Live a Regret-Free Retirement

November 20, 2017

Retirement is a time to enjoy your family and friends, travel, participate in your favorite hobbies or even just relax. For many, it’s also a time to look back and reflect on one’s life and career. Obviously, you’d probably like to look back on your…

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3 Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

November 8, 2017

Long-term care is an unfortunate reality for many seniors. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 70 percent of today’s 65-year-olds…

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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions to Determine If a Trust Is Right for You

October 20, 2017

Do you have a will that provides instructions about how your assets should be distributed after your death? If so, you’re in the minority. According…

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3 Strategies to Minimize RMD Taxes

October 10, 2017

Have you used a traditional IRA to save for retirement? If so, you’re not alone. Traditional IRAs are among the most popular retirement savings vehicles. Much of their popularity is due to their unique tax treatment. You can deduct your IRA contributions, and all growth…

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3 Types of Term Life Insurance: Which Is Right for You?

September 21, 2017

There may be no greater risk to your family’s financial stability than the risk of your unexpected death. If you have a spouse, children or other dependents, they likely rely on you for financial support. If you were to pass away, they may experience financial…

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Are These 5 Roadblocks Standing in the Way of Retirement Success?

September 11, 2017

What do you dream about when you think of retirement? Travel? Pursuing a new passion? Spending time with family? Retirement is the time to live life on your terms and spend your time doing what you love the most. Unfortunately, there could be some roadblocks…

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